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Grendel's Revenge: Rules and Policies

Grendel's Revenge is a game for mature role-players. Please make an effort to stay in character, even if you are not actively contributing to what is going on around you. Out-of-character (OOC) comments should be kept to a minimum and reserved to whispers. Please avoid out-of-character comments on any public 'channel' or in populated areas where others will hear them. The standard for making OOC comments is to whisper them and enclose them in brackets [].

We ask that players keep profanity to a minimum. Although this is a game for mature role-players, gratuitous or excessive profanity detracts from other players' enjoyment of the game.

Logging out to avoid a conflict or to avoid the consequences of your character's actions is considered cheating.

Please do not abuse bugs that you may find in Grendel's Revenge. Players should use the @report command to notify the staff of bugs as soon as they are discovered. The abuse of bugs is considered cheating and unacceptable.

Please abide by the decisions and requests of Grendel's Revenge's staff. if you have an issue with any decision or request made by the staff, please send a note to explaining the situation and your position. Under no circumstances will verbal or other abuse of the game's staff be tolerated. Please make an attempt to resolve disagreements or issues constructively.

The world of Grendel's Revenge is alive with many Non-Player-Characters who may note and remember your character's actions. Always expect that there will be in-game consequences or results to your character's in-game actions, good or bad.

We allow player-versus-player combat and conflict, in fact, we encourage it. this game has been designed with the purpose of that players will be competing against each other. However, please keep in mind: Attacking, stealing from, and killing newbies, in all cases, is not allowed. If you aren't sure if a character is a newbie or not, don't attack.

Scripting is not allowed. You should be at your keyboard at all times that your character is doing something. The use of triggers is also strongly discouraged. The staff will, at times, change the text for certain situations if someone is suspected of using triggers. You should be able to respond to evolving circumstances around your character. Scripters will get one warning before their account is suspended.

Names, plots, and descriptions of characters or places that are not available to the public domain in Grendel's Revenge are copyright and property of Worlds Apart Productions (WAP) and may not be used by anyone without the express written consent of WAP.

Submission policy: All player submissions (including, but not limited to, stories, descriptions, plot ideas, graphics, maps) become the sole property of WAP.

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