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Grendel's Revenge: History and the World of Uthgol

"Out of the curse of his exile there sprang ogres and elves and evil phantoms and the giants too." -- Beowulf (111-113)


Each day new souls join our realm, whether they be humanoid, undead, or chimera. Each day the world grows. Each day lairs are built. Each day, humans are roasted. Each day, battles are fought. Each day alliances are made and broken. Each day the players in this game cooperate or compete as they see fit. For life is a game, whether those who play in it know this or not. Life is a shifting web of numbers, probability, chance, and skill. We make our own decision about who wins; we rewrite the rules with each passing minute. Life is a game and life is fun. Newcomer to this world, may I greet you with welcome. Your soul has chosen wisely in coming here, and with your coming another atom appears, another color is added to the palette, another story is told. Enjoy, and do return to tell me what happens.

Various stories about Uthgol as told by the various castes:

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